Goal Setting and Action Plans: A Workbook for Life Design

Tool Should Be Used By:  Coaches could use this tool as an adjunct to coaching. Individuals could use this tool to work independently. 

Tool Description:  Do you work with clients that can not seem to figure out what it is they want in their lives? Do your clients always want to get a closet in order but don't see the big picture?

The Goal Setting and Action Plan workbook is a great tool to overcome these obstacles. Clients and coaches work together to write long and short term goals that are clear and precise. The client is walked through identifying strengths, finding the larger goals that are really behind the smaller goals, identifying the celebrations along the way and finally write realistic action plans to achieve goals.

This tool has been a great aid for me when working with clients that can not move beyond the short term goals. Coaches that I have shared the workbook with tell me how much their own clients have accomplished by having this extra tool to work with during, before and after coaching calls.

I know that you will find it as helpful when working with clients as others have.

Format:  Word Doc (106KB)

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Submitter's Background: Ann Osterhus: I have been an educator for 20 years and a Falling Awake Life Coach for 3 years. I live in Minneapolis where I work as a consultant with the Minneapolis School District as well as conduct Falling Awake Workshops, group coach women in their midlives and do one on one coaching with women after they have had a life altering event. www.NoeticCoach.com 


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