Your Home Office How-To Manual
The Nuts and Bolts of Administrative Procedures that Help You Make, Track & Keep Your Money!

Tool Should Be Used By:  Anyone with a home-based office or a coach with clients who are home-based. 

Tool Description:  Do you love what you do until it is time to do administrative work? Most Solopreneurs are not excited by what I call the "back office" tasks. If that's true, the “Your Home Office How-To Manual” is for you! The Office Wizard is an insider's look at some of the processes and systems I've put to work in my office.

At the urging of my friends and clients Your Home Office How-To-Manual is available to you. It is a step-by-step description of how I’ve organized my office to run the administrative side of my business.

It’s not intended to be all-inclusive or an exact step-by-step manual, although you might experience it that way. It is an inside look at the processes and systems I currently use, which have evolved through several businesses and over many years of trial and error.

You don’t have to use the same software programs or tracking systems I use, in fact they may not be the best ones to meet your company’s particular needs. But you will see how the tools and processes that handle the details support my business and allow me to do what I and teach

It's chocked full of "how-to" lists used in the daily process of my business. It can be edited to fit your needs or to create a step-by-step manual for use with a live or virtual assistant. If you are ready to quit struggling and get serious about running your business, then buy the Office Wizard. You have nothing to lose!! 100% Money Back Guarantee if not completely satisfied.

Single-User Rights Only: You may use this tool for your own business only, and are not allowed to reproduce it. Please, refer your clients or colleagues to this web site for purchasing a copy of their own. 

Format:  MS Word file (compressed in a ZIP file) (233KB)

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Creator's BackgroundAs an internationally recognized coach, consultant and trainer Alicia Smith (aka the DISC Ninja) has developed over sixty-five training programs and has trained and coached over sixty thousand individuals in their own business or as employees in service, non-profit, governmental and manufacturing. Alicia has also taught in excess of 600 teleclasses to more than 8,400 people. Let Alicia bring her skills to your business and your life!


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