Ergonomic Foundations

Tool Should Be Used By:  Trainers and coaches giving presentations in a corporate setting

Too l Description:  This PowerPoint presentation is ready-made for a health/wellness coach or trainer who is giving a presentation to corporate workers. Slides serve as a launching point for discussions of workstation set up, basic self-care, and nutrition.

I used this presentation for groups of young employees working in computer-heavy positions and encountering injuries and limitations for the first time. It served as a jumping off point for attracting clients for personal consultations, and for being asked to write the start-up company's first policy statement on ergonomics.

Format:  PowerPoint Presentation (41KB)

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Creator's Background:  Barbara Saunders is an ACSM Health/Fitness Instructor with over 5 years experience coaching individuals and training groups in corporate and commercial settings. She received her bachelor's degree in psychology from Stanford University, where she concentrated her studies in behavioral medicine and counseling. 


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