Relationship Audit

Tool Should Be Used By:  Relationship coaches & clients.

Tool Description:  The Relationship Audit is designed to help you assess how happy you are with your life in the context of your most important relationships.

The audit asks you to score yourself against key life areas to help you focus on living life holistically.

By knowing this you will be able to rate yourself on

  • What the most important areas of your life are
  • How happy you are currently in each area of your life
  • Assess what areas of life should interact for you to create the most fulfilling relationship for you.

The end result of this is that you will

  • Be clear about what's most important to you in the way you live your life - giving you clearer choices when you need to make decisions
  • Be able to prioritise taking action to make improvements.
  • Know what you are looking for in a partner in a holistic sense, so that you are mirroring your own patterns.

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Creator's Background:  The Fabulous Coaching Company is owned & run by Claire Chapman a qualified & accredited life coach. The Fabulous Coaching Company specialises in helping you to create a holistic life in tune with your values & with goals that move you closer to who you were born to be. 


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