Business Growth Program

Tool Should Be Used By:  Business Coaches

Tool Description: 

The Business Growth Program is a 26 page PDF document that is set out in three main section.

Section one is a collection of Q & A sheets that help the coach of business owner to assess the business.

Section two is a collection of Facts & Tips sheets. This section is used to determine the goals need to grow the business.

Section three is a collection of Coaching & Goal Setting sheets used to document the goals created using the previous two sections.

Format:  PDF Fill-in form (2.79MB)

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Creator's Background:  All of the Total Coaching programs are created and compiled by Christopher Holt. On a global scale Christopher is a new player in the coaching arena. However he has been developing franchises and business units in Australia for the past 15 years. His business growth program in being used in the UK and the USA by marketing and coaching consultants. 


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