Interview Fitness Workbook

Tool Should Be Used By:  Career coaches and people entering a job search market. 

Tool Description:  The workbook is an excellent supplemental tool to be used with a client who is preparing for a job interview. Nine different exercises are included:

  • Releasing Anxiety
  • Identifying Personal and Professional Uniqueness
  • Their Needs - Your Qualifications
  • Writing Your Own Success Stories
  • Tell Me About Yourself...
  • Figuring Your Bottom Line
  • Prepare Question List
  • Assessing the Interview
  • Their Offer - Your Needs

Send the complete workbook to your client as a bonus, ask them to complete a specific exercise before the next coaching session, or work through these exercises with your clients in person. Guaranteed to make your client's coaching experience and interview preparation process much more successful!

Limited rights to reproduce: You may reproduce, publish, and/or re-sell as part of a coaching/training package or as a promotional giveaway if all copyright information is retained. You may not re-sell it as a stand-alone tool.

Format:  PDF file, 1 page (42KB)

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Creator's Background:  Carole Martin is a celebrated author, trainer, and an interview coach. Her books, "Interview Fitness Training Workbook" and "Boost Your Interview IQ" (McGraw Hill) sold thousands of copies world-wide. Carole is also a professional interviewer and writer for Carole's particular area of expertise is behavioral interviewing techniques. Her web site is 


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