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Tool Should Be Used By:  Coaches working with clients who needs a structure in order to achieve specific goals. 

Tool Description:  Goal Action Plan works well for clients who know what goals they want to achieve and why. However, they need the help of a coach to create a plan of action steps and accountability in order to achieve their goals.

Client completes an Action Plan for each goal. The Goal Action Plan can also be used later on in the coaching relationship after working with the client to identify what is it they want and what is required to get there. The Goal Action Plan is an excellent tool for keeping a client on track with their goals and accomplishments.

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Creator's Background:  Cecile Peterkin is a trained Career/Life Coach, Retirement Coach and Speaker. Her specialty is helping middle managers and others seeking help with career and life transition, and experience overall happiness in their personal and professional life. Cecile provides Career Coaching, Life Coaching and Leadership Coaching to her clients. Visit her web site at 


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