Identify Your Accomplishments

Tool Should Be Used By:  Career Coach & people needing help with identifying success stories
and achievements for their resume and interviews. 

Tool Description:  Identify Your Accomplishments is an great tool to use when preparing to approach the marketplace for a new position or making a career change. Excellent for identifying strength and transferable skills in career transition.

Clients will be able to describe the situation or circumstances associated with the events, organize the actions they took and measure the results. Your clients can also get a bigger picture of their accomplishments, provide accomplishment statements for their resume, and write success stories.

By doing this exercise the coach is able to work with the client to identify the client's skills, abilities and expertise, while preparing the client for approaching the marketplace for a new job.

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Creator's Background:  Cecile Peterkin is a trained Career/Life Coach, Retirement Coach and Speaker. Her specialty is helping middle managers and others seeking help with career and life transition, and experience overall happiness in their personal and professional life. Cecile provides Career Coaching, Life Coaching and Leadership Coaching to her clients. Visit her web site at



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