Sensory Communication Styles - What Type of Learner are You?

Tool Should Be Used By:  Coaches, Trainers, Consultants 

Tool Description:  This exercise is an excellent tool to use with clients in coaching and training. Knowing how a client communicate and learn can help you strengthen your rapport with them. Great way to establish the client/coach relationship. Clients also love this exercise, they view it as part of the process of knowing who they are.

This is also a great Self Assessment tool for coaches and trainers.

Your personal learning style is a key to improved performance in coaching, training, presenting, and in interpersonal situations. When you are aware of how you and others perceive and process information, you can make learning and communication easier by working with your own style and you clients styles.

The tool contains 6 pages, which include:

  • A thorough description of 3 Learning Styles - Visual, Auditory, and Kinesthetic - and lists of the characteristics of each
  • 7-part Self-Assessment to determine your or your client's learning style with a simple straight-forward scoring key

Format:  Zip File (contains 2 MS Word Files)

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Creator's Background:  Cecile Peterkin is a trained Career/Life Coach, Retirement Coach and Speaker. Her specialty is helping middle managers and others seeking help with career and life transition, and experience overall happiness in their personal and professional life. Cecile provides Career Coaching, Life Coaching and Leadership Coaching to her clients. Visit her web site at 


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