Preparing Yourself to Approach the Marketplace

Tool Should Be Used By:  Career Coaches and Career Consultants 

Tool Description:  We choose our career path for many different reasons: because of our parents' encouragement; because it is a successful occupation; or for the financial reward (to name just a few). In order to effectively plan your career, you need to be clear on what is important to you, your values and what you are good at, your attributes, Both values and attributes should guide your career development. Preparing yourself to Approach the Marketplace will help your clients take inventory of their life and what is really important, and where their strength and interest lie.

By assessing their accomplishments, skills, strengths and weakness they will be able to see a link between what it is that they value, what they are good at, and where the "juice" is for them - all things that they can turn into a new career.

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Creator's Background:  Cecile Peterkin is the President and Founder of Cosmic Coaching Centre, and publishes "Recipes for Success, a Free monthly ezine on living your best life both personally and professionally. Cecile is a certified Career Coach and Retirement Coach and Speaker. She helps Middle Managers overcome the "Middle Syndrome" of being stuck in a middle position in mid-life. Cecile provides constant motivation while teaching men and women in mid career how to stay focused on wide-ranging advancement. This can benefit the life and career of people in mid-life, mid career, or after a career change. Cecile's coaching enable Middle Managers to move away from reporting and control to strategic planning in both their personal and professional life. 


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