"Are You in Financial Crisis?" Self-Assessment

Tool Should Be Used By:  Coaches, mental health professionals, financial counselors, anyone who works with people who need more clarity around their money issues. 

Tool Description:  When people are fearful of their money situation, they often don't know whether or not they really are in a financial crisis. This 25-question self-assessment will either show them that they do need to get help or if they are doing OK. Used in conjunction with other assessments, it can provide a pretty clear picture of a person or families' financial situation.

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Creator's BackgroundCindy Morus has an extensive background in financial management. She was a bill collector, received her B.A. in Consumer and Family Economics and worked as an Operations Manager for a major bank. She has been a small business owner for the last 12 years and has helped hundreds of families achieve financial well-being and peace of mind during her 4 years as a Financial Recovery Counselor. Cindy's web site is www.phelps-creek.com


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