Are You Financially Ready for Marriage?

Tool Should Be Used By:  Coaches, mental health professionals, financial counselors, anyone who works with individuals and couples who need more clarity around their money issues. 

Tool Description:  Statistically, Money is one of the biggest causes of divorce. If you know your partner's financial situation and more about how they think about money, you have a much better chance of having a successful relationship! Provides users with 20 questions that will ensure they know a lot about their partner. Anything you don't know, there's still time to find out!

Below is the Scoring Key that explains the assessment results:

1 - 25 Points: Think twice, no -- three times, before you enter a more permanent relationship with this person. If you can't talk about money now, I can almost guarantee that it will become a problem for you in the future. Take some time now to really get to know your own and your partner's financial situation. It could save you a lot of heartache and money in the future.

26 - 50 Points: You've gotten started on setting a good financial foundation for your relationship! Now spend some additional time together really getting to know your own and your partner's financial situation and how each of you handle money. This is a very important part of setting yourselves up for a successful future relationship.

51 - 75 Points: Great start! Go back and find the areas that you have incomplete or missing financial information about your partner. The work you do now will go a long way to setting you up for a successful relationship!

76 - 100 Points: Congratulations! You've done a great job of creating a firm financial foundation together. Just finish up the areas you're missing and remember to continue to talk about money throughout your relationship.

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Creator's Background:  Cindy Morus has an extensive background in financial management. She was a bill collector, received her B.A. in Consumer and Family Economics and worked as an Operations Manager for a major bank. She has been a small business owner for the last 12 years and has helped hundreds of families achieve financial well-being and peace of mind during her 4 years as a Financial Recovery Counselor. Cindy's web site is 


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