The 5 Step Coaching Process Tool for Kids

Tool Should Be Used By:  Coaches, life coaches, parents, youth leaders, teachers. This incredible tool can be used for children and youth ages 6-17 years old. The goal of the tool is to guide children into self-coaching once the tool has been used several times.

Tool Description: The 5 Step Coaching Process Tool for Kids is a step-by-step approach for coaching children. It is designed to be used by coaches and mentors of children. The coaching tool is designed as a tri-fold worksheet that can be used as an aid for following the five steps of coaching children: 

Step 1: Start - Step Up To The Plate
Step 2: Let's Understand Together - Hit The Ball
Step 3: Uncover Solutions - Run The Bases
Step 4: Set a Coaching Contract - Slide Home
Step 5: Gain Commitment - Wrap it Up!

The design was created with the child in mind and once the coaching interaction is complete, the child being coached keeps the tri-fold worksheet to remember the steps discussed.

Step 5 (Gain Commitment - Wrap it Up!) is designed to establish a follow up session in which the child will tell the coach when finish, the coach will ask the child at a certain date, or both the child and coach will wait until all steps are finished.

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Creator's Background: Doug Constant, is President of OnPoint Learning and a Business/Executive Coach. He has trained and consulted over 350 companies. His unique style of blending an energizing process with knowledge-rich content comes from his advanced study in many training methodologies including LMI, Dale Carnegie, B-Coach University, Inscape and Corporate Coach University. Doug serves as President of the Leadership Management, Inc franchise in Alexandria, LA. He lectures on personal and professional growth. He is a former college football athlete, holds a Masters Degree in Psychology from the University of Mississippi, father of three incredible children, husband of one incredible wife and is aggressively involved in personal and community growth. 


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