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How to Stop Being Average and Become a Remarkable Coach That Clients Will Magically Gravitate Toward

Recent research conducted by Stephen Fairley, author of "Getting Started in Personal and Executive Coaching" suggests...

  • 73% of all coaches make less than $10,000 in their first year
  • 53% of all coaches make less than $20,000 a year
  • 30% of all coaches have never been able to find 10 paying clients
  • Only 9% of coaches are currently making more than $100,000 a year coaching

Whether you take this kind of research seriously or not doesn't matter, because I have a few, more pressing, questions just for you...

How Much Did You Earn This Year?
Don't You Think You Deserve More?
What Are You Going To Do About It?

The Average Coach Earns Peanuts...So What About The Rest?

A small number of coaches are making a fantastic living but they're in the minority.

So how is it that the average coach is working for next-to-nothing while the fortunate few are living a life of luxury?

I'll give you a clue...The answer's in the word AVERAGE.

Let's be realistic. You're a coach trying to stand out in a veritable forest of coaches.

Everywhere you look you'll see "Me Too!" coaches...

There is absolutely nothing, nada, zip or zero to separate or distinguish these people in our minds. These "Me Too!" coaches just don't appear to stand for anything different, new, exciting or interesting. And as a result, they're instantly forgettable. They simply do not get into people's minds and hearts powerfully enough to make a lasting impression.

It's time to be completely honest with yourself... Are you a "Me Too" coach at this moment? If you are then something must (and can) be done to change your fortunes...

You could literally be DROWNING in a sea of over-familiarity...

Your brilliant shining light LOST in the huge glow of competition...

So , how the heck are people going to work out you're the one they want when they've got more coaches than they can poke a sharp stick at, offering them FREE Introductory Coaching Sessions?

The Answer is: They can't!

They can't, that is, unless you know what makes them tick and use it to give them what they really want...

An Immutable Law That Favours The Brave

You may not like this one little bit but, the majority of coaches are simply average and will remain average for the rest of their careers. If you're happy to just trundle along with the masses then be my guest... You may eke out an existence but will forever rely on a spouse, second job or other income to make ends meet. If you remain average then you'll never truly be self-sufficient doing a job you love.

While this may sound defeatist, it's absolutely 100% true AND it provides you with a fantastic opportunity to be financially successful doing something you absolutely love...

By doing just a few things differently you can occupy that little nook set aside for "Coaches and Self Development" in your prospects brain, you can rise easily above the AVERAGE and become one of the EXCEPTIONAL few to make serious money doing something you love.

You'll learn more about how you can do this when you get "Coaching Charisma", but first I have something else for you to ponder on...

Are You A Victim of Positive Thinking?

I believe in positive thinking. It's a useful state and attitude to adopt. But thinking alone doesn't get things moving. If all you do is "think positive", then you've probably already got a negative bank balance.

As the saying goes, "You Don't Get Owt (anything) for Nowt (nothing)", so positive thinking needs to be followed through with a little positive action.

I've seen an abundance of books flooding the market recently trying to convince you that simply "giving out good energy" is all that's needed to "bring good things back" to you ten-fold. I like that idea and on some levels it's true. You probably like it too. You may have actually bought, enjoyed and recommended some of these books. They may have made you feel that everything will be just fine if you continue doing what you're doing.

Unfortunately, these books have given you permission to do OSTRICH SELF DEFENCE...

Here's how it works! You bury your head in the sand so you only get your BEHIND KICKED!

These books make the process of attracting clients sound warm and fluffy and more importantly easy. This probably appeals to that warm, caring, nurturing side of you more than the cool, logical, thinking side. And herein lies the danger my good coaching buddy...

These books have given you comfort and permission to accept the status quo. When what you needed were tools and permission to challenge it. Thinking positive thoughts will never, ever in a million years lead to more business unless backed up by positive action.

So here's your first action... Get all the positive thinking, goody-goody, airy-fairy, fake marketing books together in a pile. Then take them to your nearest charity shop and donate them. Then they'll have served a useful purpose.

Maybe you're not really a victim of positive thinking at all, maybe there's something else...

Are You Afraid Of Making Too Much Money?

Sounds like a stupid question doesn't it? But chances are, I may have hit a nerve. If you gave up a well paid job to retrain as a self-employed coach then it's unlikely that you were in it for the money.

After all, there's a lot more to life than making money. It's more important to be doing things that make you happy and that have a positive impact on others, isn't it?

If you're with me here then I admire your attitude. I'm also all for doing a job you love. But seriously, do you really intend to starve for your passion when you don't have to?

Once you've read Coaching Charisma you can literally have your cake and eat it...

Do The Job You Love & Get The BIG FEES You Deserve

People with "Coaching Charisma" do both and they love it. While not all coaches will choose to work with clients who can afford the big fees, the opportunity is yours for the taking.

On the surface it can be difficult to see what the coaches who have this charisma are doing differently. "Coaching Charisma" will give you the tools to work it out for yourself and be your best self.

And once you understand it, you'll get the same fantastic results too...

In "Coaching Charisma" I'll share the tools, techniques and approaches you need to boost your natural magnetism so that you can...

  • Present A More Authentic & Congruent Impression of You & Your Business To Clients
  • Attract More of The People You Really Love To Work With
  • Communicate Even More Persuasively With Your Potential Customers
  • Connect With Complete Strangers On An Emotional Level With Your Emails, Business Card, Website...
  • Get More Of What You Love & Less of What You Don't
  • Attract More High Quality Clients Who Appreciate What You Do

Why People Make Dumb Buying Decisions...
And How To Use It To Your Advantage

Why is it that people just don't understand that you have exactly what they need?

They Must Be STUPID Right?

Well yes and no. While many of your potential clients are very capable and brilliant at what they do, we humans have a pretty big flaw when it comes to making buying decisions. We tend to forget to use our brains!

Most People Just Don't Buy Based On Reason or Logic...

If we reasoned out every decision we ever made then we'd do very little else but just sit there frying our brains making decisions. Instead we use emotional and subconscious shortcuts. We go with gut reactions. We're unconsciously on the lookout for "positive payoffs". Our unconscious will steer us well clear of what might be a negative consequence - which usually means maintaining the status quo at all costs.

The problem is, we give potential customers far more credit than they deserve when we try to persuade them to take a positive course of action. Their unconscious mind is just not interested in trivial stuff. It wants emotional content, otherwise it will skip this one and move to the next.

You won't connect using reason alone. No-one really makes a personal buying decision based on your qualifications or length of experience. People, in general, won't bother to find out more if you don't dangle a big juicy emotional carrot right up front.

You'll learn how to do this elegantly and ethically when you get "Coaching Charisma".

What's Inside?

As you'll soon learn, when branding your coaching business, it's what's inside that counts and that's no different with my toolkit. "Coaching Charisma" is small yet mighty! I've packed everything you need into 62 easy to read and understand pages. It's full of exercises for you to do and tools to use. Here's just a preview to give you a taste...

  • Page 28: Transform Your Communication With A Single Question... Discover a POWERFUL but SIMPLE question that will help you uncover the emotional buying triggers and hotwords to get your prospects eager to buy... I know, as a professional and ethical coach, you wouldn't take advantage of this power, but my process will literally have people begging you to be their coach.
  • Page 9: Use Authenticity To Magnetise Yourself & Your Coaching Business... I'll introduce you to a tool known as the Brand Power Wheel which will form the BASIS of YOUR BRAND and will enable you to choose customers that are right for you without having to "sell your soul" to win business, respect and reputation...
  • Page 23: There's Usually A Hard Way & An Easy Way... I'll show you how to find the easy way to magentise your business with "Coaching Charisma". You'll also discover an age-old principle for doing less and getting more from your business and all aspects of your life too.
  • Page 44: Why The USP Doesn't Work & What To Do Instead... The USP (or Unique Selling Proposition) is responsible for much heartache, wasted time and money. It's just not practical to strive for unique in business, because no sooner have you done it than someone else comes along and produces a "Me Too!" carbon copy. Instead learn how to create a "Decisive Difference" that makes all the difference and is less easy to copy.

While many of the tools in this book are applicable to other expert service businesses too, this particular book has been specially written for the professional coach. So if you're just starting out as a coach, still in training, just thinking about it, or for want of a better expression, a seasoned coaching veteran, "Coaching Charisma" was written just for you.

The 90 Day Satisfaction Guarantee
If after reading this book and taking the actions inside, you don't feel it has powerfully helped you to intensify your Coaching Charisma then you're entitled to a COMPLETE REFUND within 90 days of purchase. So you can buy safe in the knowledge that you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

What other people are saying...

I don't expect you to decide to buy this toolkit just on my word. So here's a selection of testimonials and recommendations from other readers.

"Well I am hooked. What a really fantastic and absorbing writer you are."

~ Katy Howell


"The 'so what' combined with the brand power statement makes things so much easier to communicate what you actually want to say to prospective clients. DPP [Decisive Power Points on page 38] is another fantastic concept as I know many of my clients have problems with creating their own USP."

~ Sean Kennedy


"So What? Now that is a question I will ask my self more often. Thank you."

~ Hugo Russell


"For me the single most important lesson was the one on 'congruence' a much used word in New Age Circles but when you applied it in a marketing context it switched on a light. Other parts that have impacted me are the "So What" as it makes you think from a prospective customer point of view. My business is new in the Life Coaching Field but your marketing advice so far is as refresh ing as it is valuable."

~ Peter J


"You must be a natural viral marketeer, because I've already told over a dozen people about Lean Marketing since reading your stuff."

~ Paul Hynd


"I have just finished reviewing your toolkit for listing at, and was truly amazed! Specializing in a certain coaching niche isn't enough. Being bold, outstanding and remarkable is what will make any coach a STAR, and you show us how to become that."

~ Milana Leshinsky

Don't remain a victim of Positive Thinking, GET COACHING CHARISMA and you'll be able to attract all the fantastic customers you ever wanted as if by magic. But If you're happy to remain an average coach then be my guest... Just remember, the average coach isn't earning anywhere near as much as the coach who has true charisma.

All rights reserved: You may use with clients and prospects individually and reproduce for that purpose only. You may not publish or re-sell in any form and must retain all copyright information.

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Creator's Background:  "Dangerous" Debbie Jenkins is a marketer, author and stand-up comedian who helps the owners of small expert businesses get more success by doing and spending less. 


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