Stop Doing What You Hate...Start Doing What You Love

Tool Should Be Used By:  Coaches, consultants, anyone who is feeling stuck and ready to move to the next level in their career and life. 

Tool Description:  "Stop Doing What You Hate...Start Doing What You Love" is a step by step guidebook to creating the life you want by doing what you love. You'll learn things about yourself you've never considered and learn you are much more than you think you are.

Everyone on this earth has a unique purpose to fulfill. Some know what it is and pursue it, others find it allusive and challenging to discover. What I do know, however, is that the first part of the secret key to finding it is to deepen your knowledge of yourself. The most introspective of us still has a lot to learn.

This guidebook will help you on that journey of self discovery. You will like what you find because you are much more than you think you are.

The second part of the secret key is to use that self-knowledge by applying it to what you do everyday. I've coached people around the world through this powerful self-exploration and have seen time and time again when self-knowledge is applied, amazing things happen.

Here is a summary of the benefits you receive

...Learn at your own pace
...You can take all the time you need for introspection and discovery
...40 detailed worksheets
...Step by step instruction makes it easy to apply what you learn to your work and life.
...Focus on your strengths
...Specific instructions that help you uncover your identity so you can align yourself with your work
...Discover how to overcome obstacles
...Find new ideas and inspiration
...Break out of the box
...Discover your dream job or life

Stop Doing What You Hate...Start Doing What You Love is a step by step, self-paced guidebook designed to take you through the steps of self-knowledge and self discovery so you can learn to leverage your talents so you can live the life you want.

Many of us plan our lives by not planning. We grab on to what comes our way or by fulfilling our parent's expectations or what society dictates. Often our life is comprised of a series of happenstance circumstances. We chose opportunities that came along or a script dictated by others rather than a design created based on who we are, what we are meant to do and our passion and life's purpose.

Who are you? Can you truly answer that question? If you can, then you are ahead of the game.

Self-knowledge is the first key to having the life that you want and do what you are meant to do. The purpose of this guidance tool is to help you take ownership of that concept and of your life. It is designed to give you new insights and inspiration to think about yourself in new ways. View it as an exciting journey to learn new and wonderful things to incorporate into your life. The second part of the key - when you have developed self-knowledge and awareness -- is to express your most important values and other aspects that make up who you are, in your daily life in some way.

If you see these exercises as a chore or work, you probably will avoid it. If you do it as work you will be missing the spirit of the journey to self-knowledge. This is a guide for your enjoyment and fulfillment. It is very personal and unique to you. It is meant for you to become acquainted with yourself at a deeper level, discover some surprises and ultimately to like who you find.

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Creator's Background:  Dr. Dorene Lehavi has more than 25 years experience as a professional assisting clients to reach their Next Level. She holds a Master's degree from Hunter College and a Ph.D. from the University of Southern California. Prior to coaching Dorene was a therapist. In response to her client needs and her own preference, she phased out her therapy practice in favor of coaching. Her education interwoven with life experience has supported and enhanced her interest and innate talent for helping people achieve their Next Level of success in their business and personal lives. 


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