The Depression Screening Inventory

Tool Should Be Used By:  All independent coach practitioners whose work involves relating with clients, those who are not obviously suspected to be depressed yet, quite likely, may willy nilly come to file a lawsuit based upon their perception of an inadequate standard of care. This legally falls under the heading of malpractice.

Tool Description: 

The Depression Screening Inventory (dsi) is a self-administered, Cyberspace tool with clinically relevant symptomatic statements often unrecognized, undiagnosed, and mostly untreated among America’s 19 million depressed people–and reflective, also in part, of research at the National Institutes of Mental Health (NIMH). One in 10 people suffer from major depression, and less than half seek treatment.

Annually, 31,000 commit suicide; 700,000 report injuries from self-inflected attempts to kill themselves; 8.4 million very possibly have given thought to ending their own lives. Some others intentionally and violently might even take unwilling victims with them.

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Submitter's Background:  Dr. Napoleon N. Vaughn, Ed. D., is a licensed psychologist in Pennsylvania. Dr. Vaughn belongs to APA, PPA, and American Board of Disability Analysts. Out of 150,000 APA psychologists, he was an honored delegate to represent psychology with counterparts in Vietnam and Cambodia. His patients includes children, adolescents, and adults. He has taught university courses: psychology, communications, and marketing. UMD, his market research firm, did consultations for international companies, national firms, and mom-and-pop stores. Please visit his website at for a copy of his epic book "Unmasking The Mystery Of Mental Illness For Social Security."


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