Team Member Trivia

Tool Should Be Used By:  Coaches, managers with staff, teams.

Tool Description:  Team Member Trivia is a great tool to help everyone get to know each other better in a fun and creative way. The participants will have to match the answers to the right team member, and learn some trivia about their team that they wouldn't have known otherwise.

The team leader will gather information about the members (10 questions) and will divide the team into small groups to match the responses to the person. Team Member Trivia helps teams move through the "forming stage" by finding common ground. This helps to break down barriers and opens the door for communication.

Includes a ready-to-print-out card, which can be passed out to every participant.

Format:  PDF file (12KB)

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Submitter's Background:  Ellyn S. Traub, MS, CPBA, CPVA, is President of High Performance Leadership, Inc. High Performance Leadership's executive and business coaching focuses on critical business and performance issues so that company leaders and high-potential managers can operate at peak performance and produce measurable and significant business results.. Her philosophy is that work should not be a "bad four-letter" word. Ellyn's web site is 


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