Self Esteem Study Group Guide

Tool Should Be Used By:  Personal Life Coaches who want to increase their clientele and take their
business to the next level.

Tool Description:  I conduct Self-Esteem Study Groups, where individuals can engage in lively discussion with like minded people, while having fun educating themselves about this very important topic. Study groups provide encouragement and support for learning and positive change. I use this guide to conduct my study groups. It is filled with information, activities and strategies on increasing self-esteem, self-confidence and self-worth. Whether you work with individuals or groups, you can use this guide to help your clients dig deep and find the strength, courage and determination they need to achieve their goals. You can use it as is, or tweak it to fit your “brand” and “style”.

This Interactive Guide helps you “stay on track” and gives you an abundance of fun learning activities that help clients turn negative thoughts in to positive ones, get to know themselves on a deeper level and overcome low self image. and create a life filled with is filled with activities, information, strategies and techniques for creating a successful and fun learning environment.

My average attendee stays with the group for a year. They love it and tell me that they can’t get enough of it.

The study group allows clients to receive the benefits of coaching at a minimum cost. Starting up study groups was one of the best things I did for the growth of my coaching practice. The referrals alone that I have received from leading these groups have been incredible.

Format:  Power Point Presentation (165KB)

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Creator's Background:  Gina Noel-Wermes is a Personal Life Coach out of Cincinnati, Ohio. Her specialty is helping women to improve the value of their lives, grow from the inside out and achieve their most cherished dreams. Gina provides Career Coaching, Life Coaching and Forgiveness Coaching to her clients. 


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