Strategies For Building Self-Esteem

Tool Should Be Used By:  Personal Life Coaches

Tool Description:   Self-esteem dilemmas are unfortunately part of being human. Changes take time and a lot of persistence.

With focus on very simple questions, this workbook has allowed my clients to change their thought patterns and take action to fulfill their full potential!

By answering these questions, clients become more aware of what they are currently doing, what they want to be doing, and what they need to be focusing on to achieve their end results. Believing in yourself is half of the battle.

This workbook allows clients to take simple steps to achieving a full sense of self-worth. They learn to recognize what is holding them back and therefore can move forward.

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Creator's Background:  My personal life experiences led me to the coaching profession, after prevailing over them, I knew I had to use them to enrich the lives of others. 


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