Marketing Tracking Sheets

Tool Should Be Used By:  Coaches, consultants, and anyone marketing their professional services or selling a product.

Tool Description:  Whether you are selling your own professional services (coaching, consulting) or a tangible product, marketing is a critical key to your success. But successful marketing isn't done haphazardly - or just with those good intentions to grab a few minutes when you can to make some calls!

It takes CONSISTENCY and it requires TRACKING your marketing efforts.

This tool includes three parts:

  • A weekly Tracking Sheet listing 22 marketing activities--plus a spot for new clients/sales!
  • A monthly Tracking Sheet (for transferring your weekly results)
  • A page of instructions for using the tracking forms.

With this simple tracking tool, you'll have developed an easy marketing SYSTEM that spells success. Plus you'll know at a glance just how much marketing you're really doing--or NOT doing!

Format:  ZIP file with 3 MS Word Files in it (10KB)

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Creator's Background:  Judi Craig, Ph.D., MCC is an Executive/Corporate Coach in San Antonio, TX , the President of COACH SQUARED, INC. and holds the Master Certified Coach designation ( the highest industry certification granted by the International Coach Federation). She coaches executives, business owners and professionals in over 16 industries on enhancing leadership, improving "people skills", facilitating powerful communication and increasing business/sales. She especially loves to coach people to take charge of their careers and get promoted! Dr. Craig is also a clinical psychologist who, before becoming a Coach in 1996, had her own private practice for over 20 years. Visit her web site at 


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