Building A Power Team

Tool Should Be Used By:  Coaches, Team Leaders, Managers, Small Start Up Businesses

T ool Description:  Building A Power team is about creating teams that are dynamic and have direction. Without direction, how will business ever know when the have reached there targets?

In business these days it is critical that companies spend time and effort on creating teams that add value to the business. This product will assist in the process by asking questions of team members that are thought provoking, and also for management to use as a tool for setting vision, values and goals. It is much more than these three key areas. This tool takes into account that teams are made up of individuals who have personal goals, and these need to be considered by the business. It offers a way for employees to take ownership of there aspirations and work towards achieving them.

It also covers roles and responsibilities, ground rules, SWOT Analysis and much more.

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Creator's Background: Jacque Opie, a Qualified Trainer and Team Leader, has dedicated the last 2 years of her life to creating a team built on high morale and esteem. Currently completing A certificate IV in Coaching. A member of Rotary and the National Speakers Assoc Australia, Jacque is committed to further learning, and passing on her knowledge to others. 


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