CouplepreneurTM Success Quiz

Tool Should Be Used By:  Life partners who are now, or are planning to become business partners, and coaches who work with these clients.

Tool Description:  What are CouplepreneursTM? This term describes any two persons living together in a committed relationship and also running a business together. Being partners at home and in business is not only doubly challenging, but exponentially more complicated than being partners in only one of these endeavors.

Whether CouplepreneursTM are just starting out or have been in business for several years, this twenty-item questionnaire will give valuable insights to benefit both their business and personal relationships. It reveals their strengths and areas that need improvement giving the coach important background information. The scoring system suggests action steps to the clients to increase their chances of being successful together.

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Creator's Background:  Jean Charles is a business coach, a licensed healthcare professional, and entrepreneur. Over the last 20 years, she has built several successful small businesses individually and with her husband. Their largest company was acquired in 2000 by a national corporation for six times earnings. Jean moved on to a career in coaching and now specializes in helping other CouplepreneursT reap the rewards of building successful businesses with their life partners. She holds Masters' degrees in Pharmacology and Behavioral Sciences, an Occupational Therapy license, and is a graduate of CoachU. She has two websites and that offer virtual coaching programs, self-help quizzes, and newsletters.


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