20 Ways to Boost Your Energy

Tool Should Be Used By:  Life-coaches, Coaching for coaches, parent coaching 

Tool Description:  This tool is a great way to help your clients finding their personal support system for increasing joy in their life and boosting their energy.

As a coach I use it to get my clients to focus on people, places, things and actions that they love to do. Being a coach for more than 300 people during the last 5 years, I have created this tool because so many people just don't spend time doing what they really like, and what gives them joy and good energy.

“Using this tool has given me much more joy and energy in my daily life. I now plan at least 1 of my favorite ways to get more energy in my daily schedule. It also works for me as an “emergency plan” when I feel tapped from energy: I turn to my list and pick one of the 20 ways, and I’m back on track again!” Lise Henriksen, Denmark

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Creator's Background:  Kirsten Nielsen is a master coach in one on one coaching and she leads workshops in top 100 companies in Denmark. She also has specialized in mentoring other coaches and she has been a mentor coach for 80 coaches in Scandinavia. 


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