Physician Office Practice Health Check Up

Tool Should Be Used By:  Physician Office Practice Leaders, M.D., Medical Professionals, Physician Office Practice Administrators

Tool Description:  In order to evaluate the viability of a physician office practice, physician owners or administrators will benefit by using this assessment tool to check the office “vital signs”.

Beyond the solely financial look at the business, this assessment method is organized by “A Review of Systems”, covering six systems as follows: the “optical” (the practice’s vision for the future) the “muscular” (leadership bench strength) the "central nervous system" (strategy and business planning) the “sympathetic nervous system” (human resources) the “respiratory-inspiration” (marketing) and the “impulse-conducting” (technology) systems.

Final assessment areas include “metabolic balance” (operational-effectiveness) and system integrity (sustainability of practice).

A sub-optimal score represents sub-optimal health of the practice, signaling a need for targeted interventions. An organization that aims for the optimal health score through this internal benchmarking process, positions itself to deliver high quality and cost effective care, the chief "side effect” being happier employees, more consistently engaged referral sources, highly satisfied patients and families and increased profitability.

Find out your office’s score and decide if some intervention is needed to boost your organization’s health.

Self Scoring:

0-10 Serious Sub-Optimal Health
10-20 Moderately Sub-Optimal Health
20-30 Mildly Sub-Optimal Health
30-40 Healthy
40-50 Optimum Health

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Creator's Background:  I am a registered nurse, and have a masters in mental health nursing. A graduate of Coach University, and a certified assessment coach, I also am certified in health care quality. As such I am expert at helping organizations determine their "health" particularly health care organizations, then build strategies to get stronger, and more viable.


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