Live Your Dream: A 30-Day Self-Guided Discovery Journal to Dream Fulfillment
Customized Journals for Coaches

Tool Should Be Used By:  Life, Achievement, Career, and Business Coaches. 

Tool Description:  The Live Your Dreams Journal is a guided journal that features insightful questions and prompts to lead your clients through a personal exploration of their most cherished dreams. Inspiring quotations focused on dreaming motivate them towards dream fulfillment. In just 30 days they will gain a better understanding of their personal dreams, goals and wishes and why they are important. They'll also discover how to make their dreams active so that one day their dreams come true.

The Journal centers around four core themes of clarity, focus, action and reward. First, people need to clarify their dreams to understand why they are important. Secondly, they need to focus their attention on their dreams so they take the important third step of taking action. And finally, the fourth step is to reward themselves and celebrate their accomplishments.

  • Build your practice with a unique marketing tool
  • Increase your credibility as a coach
  • Increase the value of your coaching service with a tool that aids your client's self-discovery process and helps them strategize to fulfill their dreams

A customized journal benefits your clients!

  • Gain a deeper level of awareness of their dreams so they can do something about them
  • Generate new ideas on old concepts
  • Develop action plans and strategies that get them moving towards the direction of dream achievement
  • Determine a personalized approach that speaks to their unique traits and characteristics
  • Write at their own pace and style
  • Serves as a daily reminder to act on their dreams
  • A completed journal serves as a sense of accomplishment
  • Focuses them on the present so they can make plans for the future
  • Gain daily inspiration through motivational quotes focused on dream fulfillment.

Imagine what a journal can do for your business! DreamVantage also offers additional resources for coaches

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Creator's BackgroundDreamVantage Publishing provides resources to inspire, motivate and reward dreamers and those wanting to achieve their goals.


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