Performance Readiness Worksheet

Tool Should Be Used By:  Coaches who are working with creative artists, instructors and coaches in the creative arts. 

Tool Description: "Just wanted to let you know I was SO loose on stage; it was a pleasure and a joy. The internal preparations really helped out, and your suggestions were of great value and assistance!"
- M., musician.


The Performance Readiness Worksheet will help your clients or students deal with their anxiety and prepare for any performance - whether they're a performing artist dealing with anxiety about an upcoming concert, stage show, audition or recital, an artist getting ready for a show opening, or a writer getting ready for a meeting with a publisher.

Stage fright is all about how the artist feels about him/herself, and also how the artist feels about his/her audience.

This tool will give you the opportunity to explore those feelings with your client and help him/her to connect with them, and offers you a template for developing strategies to deal with the most common roots of stage fright.

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Creator's Background:  Linda Dessau, BFA, MTA, CPCC is a singer, musician, writer, speaker, music therapist, coach and teacher. She is accredited by the Canadian Association for Music Therapy and is certified by the Coaches Training Institute. As the owner of Genuine Coaching Services, she helps creative artists enhance their creativity by focusing on their unique self-care issues.


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