Assessing a Conflict

Tool Should Be Used By:  Any coach aiding clients with conflicts.

Tool Description:  11-question assessment aids individuals to look at a personal conflict in depth. It is a concise tool for increasing self-awareness and accountability.

As Gary S. Topchik notes in Managing Negativity in the Workplace, "It always amazes me that most people who come across as negative are not aware of their behavior. I would estimate that the percentage is around 80.”

This tool can aid a client to look in the mirror and not the magnifying glass. And yes, most of us
minimize our own negative behavior while maximizes others’ negative behaviors.

Any individual in a conflicting or confusing situation can be encouraged to pay closer attention to their own behavior and perceptions. Expanding a person’s awareness in a difficult situation is helpful; we all tend under stress to narrow our focus and get caught up in reactive fight or flight positions that tend to escalate conflicts and misunderstandings.

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Creator's Background:  Leslie Feder is a licensed clinical social worker with 30 years of experience in human services. She has added Life/Parent coaching to her practice as a therapist, consultant and trainer. Leslie's web site is 


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