Teleclass Development Made Easy

Tool Should Be Used By:  Coaches, Consultants, Small Business Owners & Trainers, and anyone interested in leading classes by phone.

Tool Description:  Have you been thinking about teleclass leading? Want to create powerful classes that WOW? Do want an easy way to extract your knowledge and ideas into teleclasses that extend your business reach and increase your revenues by communicating your message through a variety of mediums?

Then Teleclass Development Made Easy is for you!

This 38 page workbook covers teleclass theory and basic information required to lead a teleclass (formal teleclass leader training is still recommended to provide a strong leading foundation) and leads you through the 9 steps for creating a successful teleclass:

  • Define your Class Purpose
  • Select a Subject
  • Know Your Participants
  • Define Objectives
  • Create Content
  • Design Homework and Supporting Materials
  • Write Title and Teleclass Description
  • Practice
  • Market Teleclass

This workbook includes lots of space for you to make notes as you go. After completing each of the sections, you will have a created the outline and content for your teleclass.

Bonus! At the end of this workbook you will find forms and checklists that make it easier to prepare for your teleclass and ensure you have not forgotten anything.

All rights reserved: You may use with clients and prospects individually and reproduce for that purpose only. You may not publish or re-sell in any form and must retain all copyright information

Format:  PDF file, 38 pages (909 KB)

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Creator's Background:  Lisa Kirshner, MBA calls herself a Creative Alchemist. She specializes in teaching Small Business owners how to transform their knowledge into products and services. Lisa is an enthusiastic 'kick butt' self starter, who is direct and to the point. Outgoing and private, complex and simple-Lisa is a dualist who thinks from both sides of her brain, simultaneously (ouch!). Lisa uses creativity and logic, spontaneity and caution, intuitive insights and rational thinking to form thoughts, make choices and master challenges.


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