How Organized Are You?

Tool Should Be Used By:  Anyone who feels they are stressed out and snowed under with their workload and have limited time for their personal life.

Tool Description:  How Organized Are You?

  • Are you drowning in paperwork?
  • Are you constantly plagued by interruptions from others and as a result never seem to get anything done?
  • Is the clutter in your life so overwhelming that you don't know where to begin to sort it all out?
  • Is being disorganized holding you back in your work and your life?

Maybe you don't even know that disorganization is the major area that you need to focus on.

Designed by Lorraine Pirihi, Australia's Top Productivity Specialist, you'll discover whether you really are in control of your work and your life or if your organization and time management skills need a complete overhaul! The ideal tool to use for coaches, business owners and managers.

This terrific tool of 21 questions will reveal the real truth.

Total up the number of "yes" ticks before checking your result:

  • 1-5 Congratulations. You seem to be relatively organized.
  • 6-10 You've got a little problem with time and/organization. Now's a good time to get your act together before your situation gets worse.
  • 11-15 Are you feeling like you're losing control? Reclaim your life and get back on track.
  • 11-16 You probably don't know whether you're coming or going. It's time for an organizational overhaul

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Creator's Background:  Lorraine Pirihi is Australia's Top Productivity Coach. She shows business owners and manager how to have less mess, less stress and more success. Her web site is


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