Personality Profiling

Tool Should Be Used By:  Business Owners and Managers

Tool Description:  Discover your personality type and those of your friends, family, colleagues and clients.

"To understand others, you need to understand yourself first".

When you know what style of personality you are, life becomes so much easier. You realize that you are not so crazy after all!

You'll discover your strengths and weaknesses as well as those of other people you communicate with.

Once you've completed the Personality Profile you'll be able to communicate with other personalities and achieve win-win outcomes.

Discover your personality style:

  • The popular Sanguine
  • The powerful Choleric
  • The perfect Melancholy
  • The peaceful Phlegmatic

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Creator's Background:  Lorraine Pirihi is Australia's Top Productivity Coach. She shows business owners and manager how to have less mess, less stress and more success. Her web site is


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