What Do You Believe About Money?

Tool Should Be Used By:  Coaches, workshop leaders, trainers, financial counselors and advisors and those helping others achieve mastery of money. 

Tool Description: This set of three clearly written exercises provides you or your client with a framework for exploring beliefs and values about money. The three exercises include a list of 75 beliefs about money and 13 questions about these beliefs. The intent of the exercises is to let go of old beliefs and values that no longer serve current best interests. It also provides a process to identify specific obstacles and issues with money. This process can be used to work through these limiting beliefs and establish more factual, useful beliefs. The driving concept behind these exercises is that changing beliefs will change thoughts and feelings. This will lead to changing actions with money. And changing actions with money will result in a new relationship with money that has more ease and peace.

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Creator's BackgroundMary Anne Fields is a Business and Personal Coach with specialties in Transforming Your Relationship with Money and Simplifying Your Life. Her business coaching focuses on solo-preneurs and solo professionals. She has significant experience in finance through her more than twenty years in information systems. Her career started as a programmer working through the ranks to Vice President and Chief Information Officer. Her BBA is in Management with a minor in Accounting. She teaches workshops on topics such as money, retirement, life transitions, creating the life of your dreams and simplifying. She is a Study Guide and Speaker for the New Road Map Foundation. Her website is at www.LifeUnfolds.com.

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