Create Your Best Life From the Inside Out

Tool Should Be Used By:  Those seeking the details of creating a life based upon their
passions and dreams. 

Tool Description:  This 52-page e-book is based on the universal principles of attraction, deliberate creation and allowing. Follow 6 basic steps and Create Your Best Life From the Inside-Out. I have included many practical exercises and tips around steps such as recognizing your default mode, tuning into your thoughts and feelings, focusing clearly on intention, aligning energy with desire and more!

My clients have said that the clarity they gained around what they really wanted and the energy shifts they made were some of the most enlightening and empowering things they'd ever done.

When opening doors of possibility to a new and brighter career, they wondered why they settled for less for so long. 

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Creator's Background:  Mary Bigler is a multifaceted professional with college degrees and experience in the fields of Life Coaching, Physical Therapy, Social Work and Health/Fitness.

As an experienced workshop leader, Mary has led may personal growth workshops and is currently utilizing the Universal Laws of Attraction in her coaching practice.

She assists dream-job seekers open doors of possibility.


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