Your Personal Guidebook to "When Work Isn't Working"
and How to Change That

Tool Should Be Used By:  Those seeking work that aligns with their passions, dreams and

Tool Description:  This workbook is designed to help you change the circumstances of your job or career that are no longer serving you.

We provide many practical exercises and tips to identify what's not working, why, clarity around what you want instead and action steps to keep you accountable and staying on track.

The underlying theme of the principles of attraction paired with some very practical ways to implement them open doors of possibility for more gratifying work.

Clients who utilized the workbook love the clarity and structure which helped them change feelings of hopelessness and frustration to those of hope and empowerment.

Format:  PDF File (265KB)

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Creator's Background:  Mary is an experienced workshop leader in the fields of social work, physical therapy, health and fitness and the laws of attraction. She currently utilizes the principles of attraction in her personal life coaching practice.

Joel Remde is a master of visioning techniques. He is a lifecoach adept at bringing your dreams to life by clarifying what it is you want showing up in your life.


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