Should I Fire This Client? Assessment

Tool Should Be Used By:  Professional service providers, including coaches, consultants, designers, and freelancers. 

Tool Description:  Difficult clients have a set of common characteristics. This is a 10-criteria self-scoring assessment, which you can use to decide whether a client is too high maintenance, and whether it's time to let him or her go. Scoring key is included.

This self-assessment is a result of first-hand experience combined with online research and interviewing of professionals. Working with a difficult client is exhausting and may hurt your business in the long run. Is it time to say "good-bye?"

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Creator's BackgroundMilana Leshinsky is an Internet Business coach to coaches and the founder of ACCPOW, Association of Coaching & Consulting Professionals on the Web. She helps coaches build a powerful online presence and create passive sources of revenue for their businesses. Milana designs web sites and coaches/consults her clients on a regular basis. She found out that some clients may cost more business than they bring. Her main web site is


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