Coaching Web Site Planning Workbook

Tool Should Be Used By:  Coaches, their coaches-clients, and professional service providers. 

Tool Description:  An invaluable tool for any coach who is star ting a new web site, this is a 10-page workbook that will help you not only launch your web site today, but plan a long-term strategy! Areas include:

  • Domain and Hosting (5 questions)
  • Graphic Design (5 questions)
  • Details of Web Site Content (16 questions)
  • E-Commerce Features (6 questions)
  • Web Site Marketing (7 questions)

This workbook addresses all aspects of setting up a coaching web site with 39 questions. Very helpful and comprehensive. Makes the task of planning the content and other features for your web site so much easier. When you complete it, consider your web site 90% ready!

Format:  PDF file (22KB)

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Creator's BackgroundMilana Leshinsky is an Internet Business coach to coaches and the founder of ACCPOW, Association of Coaching & Consulting Professionals on the Web. She helps coaches build a powerful online presence and create passive sources of revenue for their businesses. Milana designs web sites and coaches/consults her clients on a regular basis. She found out that some clients may cost more business than they bring. Her main web site is


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