Do you have what it takes to be an Authentic Leader?

Tool Should Be Used By:  Life coaches, business coaches, executive coaches, corporate coaches 

Tool Description:  This is a 22 question assessment that has multiple responses possible rated from 1 to 5. It will give you insights on what your client is working on, and what direction and approach to take in your coaching plan.

It is oriented to assess the emotional (EQ) and spiritual intelligence (IQ) of someone, and give you potent information on the stage of evolution occupied by your client.

Lastly it will give a way to evolve that intelligence by providing a path of exploration and inquiry so as to connect to more mastery, more leadership and more empowerment.

Scoring key 1: Taking this test shows that you have some understanding that you can be a victor rather than a victim. It's a beginning; keep going!

Scoring key 2: You are doing OK. Give yourself permission to see that you might not be entirely ready to move forward now!

Scoring key 3: You're doing good, and it feels like you are ready for great. If so, connect directly to the nearest guardian angel of your self-development!

Scoring key 4: Wow! You really rock! Would it be your pleasure to explore how an alliance between us would empower the good, the true and the beautiful, in order words, render your world expanded and your word increasingly heard?

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Creator's Background:  Mahalene Louis, Lic. Litt. is a coach and an Inspiration Anchor, an artist, and the author of the forthcoming Book of Identities. One of her greatest gifts is to offer new perspectives and uplifting inspiration, while the Anchor part of her communication grounds those insights into experiential and practical understandings. Together both offerings are greatly instrumental to increase chances of success, prosperity, and happiness, acting to evolve consciousness by promoting the powerful force you are, that we all are. The benefit of which is an extraordinarily fulfilled life, as one takes the steps towards one's own creative power, an authentic leadership and embraces life as a fulfilling and real work of heART. 


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