Identify Your Accomplishments

Tool Should Be Used By:  Career Coaches and other coaches who speak to audiences about managing their careers. 

Tool Description:  Giving a presentation is one of the top client magnets coaches can use to attract business. However, for many, public speaking is anything but an easy activity. Writing the presentation, practicing it, and creating the perfect audience handouts can seem like such an overwhelming project that it may feel easier not to do it at all, though you know you should. Does this ring true for you? Then this tool can help you add presentations to your repertoire of marketing activities you do to build your business.

Since the script is provided, this standard 30-minute PowerPoint presentation can be shortened or lengthened depending upon your specific needs:

  • You may change the background in PowerPoint.
  • You may use it as an outline and revamp the material based upon your audience's needs.
  • You may modify the material based on your own expertise to include personal contributions.

The basic premise of the presentation is that every individual needs to responsibly, strategically and proactively manage his or her own career by adopting a career resiliency in this age of uncertainty in the workplace. Five building blocks for achieving career self-reliance are provided to guide the individual in this process, and are presented in 10 modules:

  • Self-Assessment
  • Self-Branding
  • Self-Training
  • Self-Talk
  • Self-Action
  • Don’t Knock Down the Blocks
  • Affirmation
  • Coaching ahead of the curve

When this presentation has been delivered in the past, audience members have asked to become coaching clients, plus additional new clients have resulted from audience referrals.

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Creator's Background:  Meg Montford is a Professional Certified Career Coach and 20-year veteran of the career management field. She coaches sales and marketing executives on career development and career transition issues through her company, Abilities Enhanced. She is also a Marketing Coach helping coaches build their businesses through services offered at



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