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Tool Should Be Used By:  Career Coaches 

Tool Description:  This Knowledge/Skills Portfolio is THE tool to email to prospective coaching clients before meeting them face to face for the first time. It's a simple series of questions arranged generously in a 10 page booklet in digital .pdf format that take the prospective client from interest to engagement in the career change process. Questions include both: Basic personal information and reflective questions such as: Which of your strengths do you undervalue?

With only ONE exception I have invariably found that it commits every prospective clients to using your service. Not only does it prepare the client for their first career coaching session but it gets them doing the 'RIGHT-brain' thinking they need to approach the career and job transition in a confident and enthusiastic manner.

It has been my secret weapon for over fifteen years. So good, I daren't change a thing!

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Creator's Background:  Margaret Stead: Business Psychologist, Career Coach and Dream Architect, President of Career Management Professionals International UK Chapter - Founder of CareersNet, first online outplacement & careers centre in the UK.


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