How to Find a Fulfilling Career

Tool Should Be Used By:  Career and performance coaches 

Tool Description:  This workbook is designed to help individuals decide which direction they would like to take their career and align their options with their overall goals and values. Most people feel rewarded when their working day leaves them fulfilled and challenged. Money, although essential, is secondary to a sense of worth and contribution. Many are led into their career rather than taking control because they do not take the time to delve deeper into their strengths, weaknesses and values

This workbook is an essential tool for career coaches to use with their clients, by working through the effective questions, or can be presented, as a whole workbook, to the client to do at their own pace.

After completing this workbook, coaching clients will be able to:

  • Have written career and life goals
  • Know what direction they need to move in
  • Know what is important to them in a career and what is not
  • Align all options with their values

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Creator's Background:  Nadia Cenci is a confidence and performance coach, having left the corporate world to find a more fulfilling career. She coaches in schools, businesses and on a one to one basis helping people to be happier and more confident in their life and in their work. Web site


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