How to Bowl Them Away at The Interview

Tool Should Be Used By:  Career Coaches and Performance Coaches 

Tool Description:  This workbook is an essential tool for career coaches to us e with their clients, by working through the effective questions, or can be presented, as a whole workbook, to the client to do at their own pace.

During completion of this workbook, coaching clients will be able to comprehensively plan for an interview leaving them 100% confident that they are fully prepared for any eventuality and that they will bowl over their potential employer:

They will be able to;

  • Know how to prepare a career statement
  • Know how to best answer interview questions
  • Will understand impression management and effective use of body language
  • Feel relaxed before the interview
  • Know how to negotiate for the best deal
  • Know what to do after the interview

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Creator's Background:  Nadia Cenci is a confidence and performance coach, having left the corporate world to find a more fulfilling career. She coaches in schools, businesses and on a one to one basis helping people to be happier and more confident in their life and in their work. Web site


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