The Stressed-out Parent’s Guide to a Happier Home-life

Tool Should Be Used By:  Parents, Parenting Coaches 

Tool Description:  When their homes could be places of peace and refreshment, many parents instead are feeling so stressed-out in their own house that even a dysfunctional workplace is a relief to go to. Truth be told, stressed-out parents...

...nag their kids, their partner, even themselves;

...sometimes work themselves into a lather, lying awake for hours at night fretting, having little meltdowns;

...suspect they waste valuable time worrying about what others think;

...find themselves caught in nasty daydreams about how badly things are going to turn out for their family…

… but what else can they do?? Family life is just so stressful!! Right?

I’d like to give you THREE alternatives to all the behaviors described above, alternatives which diminish parental stress. For a few minutes a day over 5 days, you can interact with these short modules and regain your composure, your power of choice and your rapport with your family.

Coaches can use this tool to explore the parent's reality and explore options that contribute to sustainable change.

"I found this course great. It really didn’t take much of my time yet it gave me a fresh approach to my parenting concerns.” (Theresa, mother of 3 Teenagers)

The Stressed-out Parent’s Guide to a Happier Home-life at only $9.90 costs less than the price of a cup of coffee per day! (And it’s better for you…)

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Creator's Background:  Peter Aldin is founder of Great Circle Life Coaching. For over a decade, he has provided coaching, workshops and training that assist people (including Gen Ys, teachers, managers, church ministers and parents) to be their best, particularly in their personal and professional relationships and communication. 


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