15 Life Coaching Questionnaires

Tool Should Be Used By:  Coaches, Psychologists, Counselors, Ministers

Tool Description:  Fifteen questionnaires for life coaches to answer about themselves and their clients for greater clarity and effectiveness thus improving coaching abilities and transforming the coaching process into a growth experience for both the coach and the clients. Inspired by the 15 coaching proficiencies taught by CoachVille.

Questionnaires Included:

1. Questions That Will Help Clarify Our Goals
2. Revealing the Client to Himself
3. Recognizing our successes, abilities, strengths, goodness, and in general, the greatness within
4. Obstacles to Enjoying Working with our Client
5. Expanding Our Best Results
6. Using Curiosity
7. Some questions that will help us see the positive aspects of situation.
8. Determining the most Important Issue to Work on.
9. Removing obstacles to Clarity and Role-Free, Clear Communication
10. What I Observe, Feel and Intuit
11. What Can You Appreciate And Commend/Champion Your Client About
12. Viewing The Client And His Work With New Perceptions
13. Benefit From The Truth
14. Creating Supportive Environments for our Clients
15. Respecting and working within the Clients’ Limits and Culture

Format:  PDF File (145KB - 25 pages)

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Creator's Background:  Robert Elias Najemy, a life coach with 30 years of experience, has trained over 300 Life coaches and now does so over the Internet. Info at: http://www.HolisticHarmony.com/introholisticcoach.asp He is the author of over 20 books, 600 articles and 400 lecture cassettes on Human Harmony. 


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