52 Powerful Strategies for Boosting Your Confidence

Tool Should Be Used By:  Perfect for anyone who wants to boost their own or someone else's confidence. 

Tool Description:  Is t his you: "If only I had the confidence to talk to people at parties (or attend parties), speak up in meetings, share my ideas, ask for help..."? To stop feeling under-appreciated and uncertain and grow the confidence that makes being you fun and easy, you need the strategies in this booklet. 52 Powerful Strategies for Boosting Your Confidence contains techniques to boost anyone and everyone's confidence. Within its pages you get:

  • User friendly low stress activities you can complete alone to start building confidence right away
  • Challenging activities to help you reach beyond your comfort zone when you’re ready
  • Activities for all the different ways we learn new things (visual, auditory and kinesthetic)
  • Step-by-step, easy to follow instructions for no-stress confidence building
  • Examples of different ways to do the activities based on how much (or how little) confidence you feel in that moment
  • Alternative ways to try the activities so you can customize your confidence building program to fit your lifestyle
  • Resources to make it easier to try activities and support your learning
  • Activities you can do solo, with a friend or in a group (start alone if you’re shy and work up to group activities)
  • Space for your notes, reminders, mantras and other ideas
  • A fun, practical and clear system for developing real confidence every day in this unique one-stop-shop for building your confidence

The 52 Powerful Strategies for Boosting Your Confidence booklet is perfect for anyone who wants to up their own or someone else's confidence quotient. Whether you are diagnosed with social anxiety disorder or considered bold and brave, a teen or a senior (and everyone in between), a man or a woman, there are activities in this booklet to help you embrace being you, increase your confidence and self-esteem and have fun doing it.

Buy the 52 Powerful Strategies for Boosting Your Confidence for yourself, a friend, your child, students, colleagues, your employees and new hires or new managers, or anyone who could use a boost of confidence (and who among us couldn’t?).

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Creator's Background: Ruth Hegarty is a success coach, speaker & educator with an international practice. She created her company, Leap of Confidence, to help people build better workplaces. Ruth is most often described as an entertaining, empowering and fearless presence with unbounded enthusiasm and insightful practical advice and she strikes a statuesque figure being 6’ tall in stocking feet. Ruth is the confidence expert for Touch FM Radio’s Basic Training program and the author of Business Communication (a beginner’s resource manual) as well as numerous published articles. www.coachruth.com 


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