The Authentic Marketer Workbook

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Tool Description:  The Authentic Marketer was developed in response to our growing dissatisfaction with marketing processes that left us feeling inept, despite a slowly growing business and a number of highly satisfied customers. We and many others to whom we have spoken have a feeling that "there's got to be another way to market ourselves without playing the traditional game." This is the problem we seek to solve with the "Authentic Marketer™."

The "Authentic Marketer™" is for Independent Service Professionals, such as coaches, consultants, health and mental health care providers and small business owners who are not comfortable with traditional marketing and who want an alternative: a way of promoting that supports giving to the circle of life. Our hope is that this program will help you to market your business effortlessly and with a sense of integrity and inner peace, using several Universal Principles as your guide.

What is Authentic Marketing?

Authentic Marketing is sharing who you are and what you offer with grace and ease. We base our approach on the following five frameworks.


1. Poise: Relating From Your Authentic Self. The idea of this principle is "As Within So Without." This means that as you work with your Inner Self, your outer world changes profoundly.

2. Path: Following Your Natural Attractions. "Let yourself be silently drawn by the stronger pull of what you really love."--Rumi. You'll recognize your path by the feeling you get when you're on it and when you're not.

3. Purpose: Creating and Selling Client Programs.. When we connect with our authentic creativity and combine that with an intention to be authentic, we give birth to the best of what we have to offer.

4. Perseverance: Mastering The Energy of Money. The relationship between marketing and making money is crucial to your persevering on the Authentic Marketing Path.

5. Practice: Operating Within Authentic Marketing Frameworks. This involves integrating and practicing the Authentic Marketing Frameworks as a new personal operating system...

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Creator's BackgroundSteve and Anna are life coaches, trainers, and infopreneurs. Steve publishes a weekly ezine for facilitators, at to over 8,000 readers, founded, a Virtual University offering "Just in Time" resources and training for groups workers, and continues to write ebooks and programs for his clients.

Anna was a clinical psychologist, graduate school professor and seminar leader in private practice for 13 years. She served as the Dean of Students, Dean of the Certified Mentor Coach Program, Senior faculty Member and Certified Coach National Live Event Trainer for Coachville's Schools of Coaching. She has also been a founding member, Certifying Coach, and among the first 3 certified coaches of the International Association of Coaches. Her RealAudio program Interviews with WiseFolks showcases the authentic qualities and advanced communicating skills of some of the most forward thinkers of our day and can be heard at her website


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