Take Action! Toolkit: Building Referral Business

Tool Should Be Used By:  Entrepreneurs, small business owners and marketers

Tool Description: 

Are you tired of marketing?

Are you frustrated with closing the sale?

Would you like clients to come to you?

You can have a team of professionals marketing and selling FOR you! AND every prospect that comes to you already knows your service and is interested in becoming a client. . . How is this possible?

Referrals or Word of Mouth Marketing!

  • Consumers believe in your product or service
  • Business grows exponentially
  • Prospects are "qualified" referrals
  • YOU do not have to market
  • You save time and money on marketing and sales

Take Action! Toolkit: Building Referral Business will provide over 10 tools and strategies to get you started on building a referral business.

  • Get clear on what you want in your business
  • Get clear on what you want for your clients
  • Develop ways to build a strong relationship
  • Create the right language
  • Learn ways to get your clients talking about you!

"This is a great program and really easy to follow."

"I was always tongue tied when people asked about my business - I didn't know what to say. The tools in Take Action! Toolkit helped me to realize what I wanted for my business and that has already helped build my business. Now I can tell people what I do!"

"The information is great!"

"Terrific stuff! Exercises are great. It works!"

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Creator's Background:  Susan's daily goal is to laugh, be present and to live each moment without regret. She is the principal and owner of Susan Kim Coaching, LLC, offering Life Coaching and Professional Trainings, supporting professionals to Take Action! After coaching with Susan, professionals feel less stress, accomplish more and live easier. www.susankimcoaching.com


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