What Is My Brand?: An Identity, Branding and Positioning Idea-Generator

Tool Should Be Used By:  Coaches, Marketing Coaches, Executive Coaches, Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, Product/Project Developers

Tool Description:  Branding a business, product or project can be daunting - and exploring beyond the typical and beneath the surface is critical to creating a resonant and compelling brand identity.

What is My Brand? encourages users to think of their emerging business, product or project in a new and deeper way. By answering these thought-provoking questions, users will spark ideas that would be difficult to generate using standard marketing questions. This exercise contains 16 simple and fun questions to initiate original thinking and help users create powerful branding expressions.

In working with my own clients, I have found that these questions not only get people thinking about their business in a new way, but also get them even more excited about what they are creating.

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Creator's Background:  Susan is a certified coach who supports individuals and teams who want to increase their impact, enhance their focus and inspire action. Her mission is to challenge clients to explore their creative firepower and stand in the exciting and dangerous place of beginning. She is also co-creator of several “get out of your comfort zone” workshops. Before coaching, Susan worked in the creative departments of ad agencies, developing branding campaigns for clients such as National Public Radio and the American Red Cross. www.unlockedbox.com 


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