Event Evaluation Form with Extended Program Offer

Tool Should Be Used By:  Anyone who is giving or planning to give live presentations, workshops, seminars or other events.

Tool Description:  This is a Word document that allows you to gather valuable event participant feedback and ongoing notification permissions. It includes two complete forms, which may be used and copied together or separately as needed.

The first page is an Event Evaluation Form, which asks for basic feedback about the event and allows for comments, including an optional request for testimonials, with testimonial use permission.

The second page is an Extended Program Offer, which gives participants an opportunity to sign up for further event notifications, coaching programs and personal coaching (these categories are customizable by anyone familiar with Word, and can be adapted to the individual user's needs and offerings). This page also has a referral section for participants to enter their own group's or organization's contact information for further speaking or workshop engagement procurement.

These forms contain a header for entering event information before printing/copying, and there is room at the lower right of the page to include logos or other user-based information, provided copyright information remains unaltered and unobscured.

Format: Word Doc File (34KB)

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All rights reserved: You may use with clients and prospects individually and reproduce for that purpose only. You may not publish or re-sell in any form and must retain all copyright information.

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Creator's Background: Soni Pitts is the Chief Visionary Butt-Kicker of Soni Pitts Visionary Life Coaching/Restless Spirits, www.sonipitts.com. She specializes in creating global change through personal evolution - helping others create the lives God always intended them to live, so that they in turn can pass that change on to the world around them.


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