Financially Fit Assessment Tool

Tool Should Be Used By:  Coaches, individuals wanting to be more financially fit

Tool Description:  Coaches - do you have clients who fit the following:

Are your clients' financial muscles well toned and healthy? Do they want to change their relationship with money? Are they seeking more control over their financial future? Are you looking for a tool to help support clients in strengthening their financial well-being?

This unique 100-point self-assessment tool has been developed following our work with clients over a number of years who have been on their own journey towards financial freedom. Alongside supporting them in shaking off their burden of debt, we discovered that deep and lasting results were being achieved when we helped clients develop a set of beliefs, habits and strong action steps that enabled them to let go of their own fears and worries around money and claim financial freedom for themselves.

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Creator's Background:  Sarah Steele is a veteran Coach, empowering speaker and trainer with more than a decade of global business experience. Combining deep capabilities in communication skills, change management, and emotional intelligence with her background and skills in the corporate world, Sarah brings a truly holistic and globally savvy touch to all her coaching work. 


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