Myth Buster: Transforming Negative Self Images

Tool Should Be Used By:  A great tool for coaches, therapists, and counselors

Tool Description:  The Myth Buster is a great tool designed to help clients identify and change negative self images that can block success. The four step process includes identifying personal myths and negative messages, transforming the negatives to positives, and following up with positive affirmations. The easy to follow exercises include self reflection and awareness as well as positive feedback from a support "team".

This is what clients are saying about the Myth Buster:

From Jeanine in Springfield, VA: "I was amazed at the number of negative images I label myself with. Looking at each one through the Myth Buster has helped me see myself with more confidence and abilities."

From Hannah in Reston, VA: "The Myth Buster has drastically changed my life. When I recognize a negative self label I am able to use this tool to change my challenges into positives and to see my life in a more realistic way."

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Creator's Background:  As a Creativity Coach since 1993, Trish Hernandez has been helping people to develop their creative potential and use it to enhance all aspects of their lives. She developed the Creative Arts Self Empowerment Studio in Northern Virginia, a place where people can explore all aspects of creativity. She is now the owner and director of StrongHeart Solutions, an organization focused on coaching, workshops, and retreats. Trish has used her skills to work with trauma survivors, drug and alcohol rehab prison programs, and At-Risk Teen Girl's Group. She also creates and presents spiritual and creativity workshops and enjoys motivational public speaking. 


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