Daily Intention List and Calendar

Tool Should Be Used By:  Coaches, consultants and other professionals.

T ool Description: The Daily Intention List and Calendar is a perfect tool to use every day to keep track and post your day! The sections include:


The Daily Intention List and Calendar tool keeps the concepts important for self discovery and self growth available throughout the work day. The user can begin to see just how productive they have been for each day by using the "ACCOMPLISHMENTS FROM TODAY" section.

Users have said:

" This is a great tool for noticing what I actually completed for the day!"

"The calendar is really handy!"

"I hate "to do" lists - But this sheet helps me keep track of my day and what I WANT to to"

"I keep the used ones in a binder so that I can track my personal growth and development"

"I use it almost like a journal!"

Although it's a one-sheet journal, you can print out the well-designed PDF file as many times as you wish for daily use.

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Creator's BackgroundVivian Burns Lennan is a spiritual counselor, personal Fitness trainer, nutritional practitioner and a personal coach. She works with people on living life consciously. "Through an integrative inquiry we begin to awaken the mind, body and spirit in living an authentic, meaningful life." Vivian lives in NY state, is Leader of the Holistic coaching SIG and a co-leader of the virtual community of the ICF. She facilitates the Extreme Self Care Program, Girls Circle and Living a Perfect Life Program, and writes a Cornerstone news e-zine. Her web site is: http://www.cornerstonecoachingandcounseling.com 


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